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Serenissima Venice inspires FMG

Widely used in 15th century Venetian palaces and later exported to the rest of Italy and the world, seminato veneziano, one of the most emblematic floors of the Italian architectural tradition, inspires FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti for its Venice Villa collection.

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Venice Villa by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is a complete range of surfaces, with two production technologies, nine sizes, two thicknesses and three finishes, in the colours Ivory, both bright and elegant, and Zinc, sober with light tones.

Thanks to FMG’s full-body technology, Venice Villa surfaces are extremely compact, watertight, resistant and homogeneous throughout their thickness. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use in high-traffic areas, thanks to the technical performance of full-body porcelain stoneware, which is not subject to wear.

Thanks to their full-body composition, Venice Villa surfaces can be used both as floor covering and as furnishing elements such as worktops; the uniformity of their composition allows for any type of processing with an exposed edge.

Venice Villa – FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti

Venice Villa surfaces, with a thickness of 10 mm, are available in seven sizes (120×120, 150×75, 120×60, 75×75, 60×60, 60×30 and 20×20 cm) and in Polished, Natural and Structured finishes.
Thanks to FMG’s MaxFine technology, the large formats Venice Villa Zinc and Venice Villa Ivory are available in the sizes 270×120 and 120×120 cm, with a thickness of 6 mm and a Glossy or Natural finish. Both formats are light, easy to handle, flexible and easy to install, making them ideal for renovation projects where FMG surfaces are to be laid on top of existing materials.
On request, the Venice Villa range, in standard or MaxFine formats, is also available in the Active Surfaces® version, the patented, ISO-certified eco-active surfaces with antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollutant, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties.

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