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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, in the pure Venetian tradition

Widely used in 15th century Venetian palaces and later exported to the rest of Italy and the world, Seminato Veneziano, one of the most emblematic floors in the Italian architectural tradition, is brought back to life with the Il Veneziano collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.
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Il Veneziano | Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

According to Venetian tradition, Seminato Veneziano is obtained by mixing marble scraps and stone fragments which are then agglomerated with lime or cement. This apparently simple recipe allowed the builders of the time to create original and refined floors without wasting raw materials. Today, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is taking this centuries-old craft tradition and giving it a new lease of life with the full-body technical porcelain stoneware slabs of the Il Veneziano collection.

Between tradition and contemporary charm, Il Veneziano is available in six shades, three warmer ones (beige, honey and brown) and three cooler ones (white, silver and black) with two types of finish: natural, for an opaque effect, and polished, for a mirror effect. The retro style of Seminato Veneziano is back in fashion again in recent years thanks to its ability to combine classicism with contemporary trend, so it is equally suitable for the renovation of historic homes and the construction of new buildings. The varied texture of this collection has the advantage of camouflaging any dirt, making also Il Veneziano particularly interesting for high-traffic areas.

Il Veneziano | Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

As always at Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, particular attention is paid to reducing waste. For this reason, in keeping with the original production techniques of Seminato Veneziano, the porcelain stoneware specialists are proposing for this collection, in addition to the classic formats (120×60, 60×60, 150×75, 75×75 cm), formats that adapt to the most common sizes in the residential sector to reduce cutting waste during installation. The 120×270 cm format therefore complies with the minimum height required for the home, while the 120×120 cm is compatible with the standard dimensions of shower trays in many countries. In addition to the adaptability of their formats, the tiles in the Il Veneziano collection, like all Fiandre textures, have mechanical and chemical resistance, waterproofing properties and are unalterable over time. In combination with silver, the action of titanium dioxide also offers the possibility of making Il Veneziano surfaces eco-active photocatalytic ceramics. Developed by Iris Ceramica Group and the chemistry department of the University of Milan, the ACTIVE SURFACES™ technology transforms ceramics into antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollutant, anti-odour and self-cleaning surfaces. The technology demonstrated up to 94% efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (responsible for Covid-19) after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light.

Il Veneziano | Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Finally, in addition to the colours and sizes suggested, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces provides designers, architects and interior designers with a team of experts to create ad hoc customisations. The tone of the background, the variety of grains and the size of the format are at the discretion of building professionals to meet their ever-growing need for customisation.

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