Fiandre Architectural Surfaces: 3 new nuances for Marmi Maximum

Camouflage Maximum, Breccia Sarda Maximum and Palissandro White Maximum are the three new nuances in the Marmi Maximum collection from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has completely renovated its Castellarano showroom. The company used the opportunity to showcase the three new surfaces in its large-format Marmi Maximum collection: Camouflage Maximum, Breccia Sarda Maximum and Palissandro White Maximum.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, an Italian company part of Iris Ceramica Group, has been offering porcelain stoneware solutions for interiors all over the world for many years. Recently, three new textures have been added to one of its flagship collections:

Camouflage Maximum, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Camouflage Maximum. Elegant and luminous, this nuance has a network of clear veins that sometimes fade in shadowy areas. Its format accentuates the depth of spaces and adds just the right amount of character to a décor. This texture introduces the new exclusive feel finish, with a very smooth matt effect that’s pleasant to the touch.

Breccia Sarda Maximum, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Breccia Sarda Maximum. Warm and refined, this almost milky surface is marked by fine, sinuous white veins. Its highly contemporary colour is enhanced by the pre-polished finish, whose opacity and slight three-dimensionality make it unique.

Palissandro White Maximum, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Palissandro White Maximum. A white texture criss-crossed by numerous diagonal brown and grey stripes of varying thickness, creating a soft, enveloping weave. The glint finish diffuses points of light and luminous pigments evenly across the surface.

from left to right: Camouflage, Breccia Sarda, Palissandro White

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