Ageing well in place, in AA’s new issue

Capture d’écran 2019-12-18 à 15.44.30In the table of contents of AA 434, December 2019:


The architect: Neri Oxman, On Elizabeth de Portzamparc’s bookshelves, ‘Inspiring’ by Philippe Trétiack, Edouard François’ opinion paper, buildings by Hariri PontariniFerrier Marchetti StudioBoris Bouchet and Guillaume RamilienLAN and others, exhibitions, quotes…

REPORT – Ageing well in place

Lexic: The New Ageing, an overview by Christelle Granja
Case study: Design for Ageing in the Big Apple: No Picnic, an article by Stephen Zacks
Profile: Naud & Poux, universal architects
Actors: “No one wants to be old”, interview of the sociologist Serge Guérin
Heritage: Celebrating Ageing: Afortville’s Mapad retirement home by Manuel Núñez Yanowsky
Extract: “Architecture against death”, Reversible Foundation‘s manifesto : The architectural body [we have decided not to die], by Madeline Gins et Shusaku Arakawa

– Dominique Coulon, residence for eldery people, Huningue, Haut-Rhin, 2018
– Atelier du Pont, Ehpad, Paris, 2015
– AZL, individual house, Nansong, Fengxian, China, 2018


Report: “How to illustrate the point in a world saturated with images?”, Affinités Créatives with architect Dominique Jakob and artist Vincent Lamouroux
Back on: The House of the Babayagas: a feminist utopia, by feminist activist Thérèse Clerc
Profession: The airspace exploration of Civic Drone‘s founder


Three questions to…: Francisco Lassala Pitarch, Porcelanosa’s sales director for France
Projects and products: Hospitalities

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