Off the record: Triptyque

In the Proust’s short questionnaire style, AA questions architects about their profession, their projects, their vision of the future. Today, we meet the French-Brazilian office Triptyque. In the late 90’s, freshly graduated, Guillaume Sibaud, Olivier Raffaëlli and Grégory Bousquet followed Carolina Bueno – who studied with them at Paris-Val de Seine school of architecture – to her native country : Brazil. The four architects founded their office in São Paulo in 2000 and, since then, have developed a contemporary and sustainable architecture. In 2008, a branch office was founded in Paris. Triptyque counts now more than 60 employees in France and Brazil.

Triptyque Architecture

Being an architect means…

Guillaume Sibaud: To be brave, to dare without destroying everything. Appropriate Camus words “A man holds himself back“.

Grégory Bousquet : To transform a place forever, its geography, its topography, its nature and its function. It is a fantastic responsibility.

Your perfect commission would be…

GS : A unique timeless project, a little bit the old fashion way, designed on site surrounded by silence and focus.

GB : A tropical greenhouse, in the middle of the rain forest, to ward off the precedent question.

Multimedia Library in Osny, France. © Triptyque
Multimedia Library in Osny, France. © Triptyque


Your job in 20 years

GS : To keep on dreaming.

GB : Spaces structurer.

The advice you’d give to a young architect

GS : Repeat 100 times in front of a mirror (Robert de Niro style) “architecture is a combat sport”.

GB : Travel, travel, travel!

Groenlandia, commerces, 2014 © Triptyque
Groenlandia, comercial building, São Paulo, 2014 © Triptyque


What you want to transmit to your co-workers

GS : To be able to laugh about everything while being a serious person.

GB : Passion and curiosity.

The emerging architect everyone should follow

GS : Gong Dong / Vector architects.

GB : Pezo von Hellrichshausen, for the clarity of his style.

Immeuble de bureaux RB12 à Rio de Janeiro, 2015. © Triptyque

The project you would have loved to sign

GS : The Congresso Nacional in Brazilia (Niemeyer).

GB : The Barcelona pavilion (Mies Van de Rohe).

The other job you would have liked to practice

GS : Musician.

GB : Pilot, to drift in space.

Residencial building Leitão in São Paulo, 2012 © Triptyque
Residencial building Leitão in São Paulo, 2012 © Triptyque


An inspiring place

GS : New York.

GB : SESC Pompeia, by Lina Bo Bardi, which is a demonstration that architecture can help social and cultural integration.

A book, an object, a piece of art you particularly love

GS : Untitled ( ), an album by Sigur Ros launched in 2002.

GB : Lina Bo Bardi’s work, for its poetic brutalism.

Projet Ecotone à Arcueil, Lauréat d'Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris Avec Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture + Parc Architectes + OXO Architectes © Triptyque
Ecotone project in Arcueil, winner of the competition Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris. With Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture + Parc Architectes + OXO Architectes © Triptyque

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