Off the record : King Kong agency

With its new “Off the record” section, AA gives the floor to architects through short Q&As. Today, focus on Paul Marion, associate architect at King Kong agency who agreed to answer AA’s questions. Next one in two weeks!

Being an architect is…
To show humility

Villa Malaparte d’Adalberto Libera, Capri, Italy, 1937

My ideal commission
A program that is relevant for our times, not necessary vital but useful to humans 

How I imagine my profession in twenty years?
I hope it still exists for the good of humanity

My advice to a young architect
To always believe

What I would like to pass on to my associates
Favor the “will to do something” on the “know how”

The new-comer architect to keep an eye on

The project I would have liked to sign
 Adalberto Libera’s Villa Malaparte

The other job I would have liked to practice

A book, an object or a work of art I particularly love
Aboriginal painting

A place that inspires me
The Mediterranean sea

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