AA Retro Thinkers : What is the role of the poetic spirit according to Le Corbusier?

“The world in its impassibility breaks out everywhere in poetic events : the poetry of the machine, of reason ? Of course ! But also the poetry of the sun, of seasons, of life’s drama and the battles waged by tense energies.” 

Capturing the poetic spirit in architecture, here lies the mastery of Le Corbusier. He was a multi-faceted artist – painter, sculptor, urban planner as well as designer – while of course being the famous architect he is now widely recognized to be. Hence the fact that in October 1933, he writes a short piece for L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui’s 10th issue about the importance of lyricism. The poetic phenomenon, he writes, is omnipresent in “the unexpected paths of life.” The idea is then to make it a daily consumption.


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