AA Retro : Venice Biennale, 16 years ago

16 years ago, in 2000, the 7th edition of the Venice Biennale of architecture called for a “less aesthetic and more ethic” architecture, according to the theme selected by its curator Massimiliano Fuksas “Città: less aesthetics, more ethics”.

In an article published in AA’s 330th issue  (September – October 2000), the architect and architecture critic Luca Molinari pointed out the contradictions of this Biennale. The author showed how the rise of Internet guided every project presented in Venice. More widely, he reported that the wish for a “less aesthetic” architecture failed.

In 2016, the challenge is just as big for Alejandro Aravena, curator of the 15th Venice Biennale of architecture (from May 28th to November 27th, 2016). A few days before the public opening, will he be able to highlight practical solutions for a more “social” architecture, making this year’s biennale more than an architecture exhibition?

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© L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui
© L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

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