AA Retro : the Louvre’s pyramid in 1987

Designed by Ieoh Ming Pei (Pritzker Prize 1983) the Louvre’s pyramid was part of President François Mitterrand’s “Grand Travaux”, a significant architecture program launched through Paris in the 80’s. Despite some criticism from the public, the pyramid was seen as a structural feat when it was inaugurated in 1988.

Through a photographic report published in its 253rd issue (October 1987), AA reveals the insides of the Louvre and shows the extends of the construction site. Entitled “Structure of invisibility”, the article focuses on the transparency and immateriality effects, made possible by the 673 glass elements.

Almost 30 years later, street-artist JR, invited by the museum, is paying tribute to the famous pyramid by making it the centre of an impressive performance. Covered with a large-scale photograph representing the Sully wing façade, the pyramid seems to disappear and allows the crowd to catch a glimpse of the Louvre as it was before 1988.

JR at the Louvre
from May 25, 2016 to June 27, 2016
For further information, visit the Louvre’s website.

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© L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui
© L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

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