• Aqua-libris media library © Michel Denancé

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Architects have always fantasised about ruins, inspired by the classic piranesian world. No doubt this is all the more true since the lifespan of buildings has become shorter and temporary structures are more common. We have a large choice of actions in dealing with vestiges: Should we restore, convert, or reproduce them? There are many positions and creativity is exponential. As many reasons for L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui to dedicate its May 2017 issue to vestiges.

News. Latest news from Farshid Moussavi, Volume bookshop’s selection, “permeability” decoded by Oliver Wainwright…
Profile. Bruther’s naked structures, by Emmanuelle Borne

Introduction. Petrifications, by Emmanuelle Borne
Heritage. Roma Interrotta : archeologies of the future, by Jean-Louis Violeau
Survey. Ordinary Ruins, by Catherine Sabbah
Case study. Beirut’s tarnished modernity, by Georges Arbid
• Bernard Desmoulin + Pierre-Antoine Gatier, Aqua-libris media library, Saint-Maixent-l’École, France, 2016

• Witherford Watson Mann (WWM), Astley Castle, United Kingdom, 2012
• Snøhetta + Casson Man + SRA Architectes + Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture, International centre for cave art Montignac-Lascaux or “Lascaux IV”, Montignac, France, 2016
• Friche Babcock, La Courneuve, France, ongoing
• MAP Architects, Kalø slotsruin visitor access, Rønde, Denmark, 2016
• David Chipperfield Architects + Julian Harrap, Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany, 2009
• Casagrande Laboratory, Ultra-Ruin, Yangming Mountain, Taiwan, 2013
• Ferran Vizoso + Núria Bordas, Sant Pere church rehabilitation, Corbera d’Ebre, Spain, 2013
• Marte. Marte Architekten, Roman Villa, Rankweil, Austria, 2008
• V + et Rotor, Mode and design centre, Brussels, Belgium, 2017
Instant ruins, by Bruce Bégout
Sacred remains, by François Chatillon

Back from. Meccano hospital, by Laurie Picout with a reportage by Jean-Philippe Hugron

Players. Nicolas Godin (Air) : “I work with sounds in the same way one would with materials”, interview by Laurie Picout
Design. Material culture, by Oscar Duboÿ

Glass effects, by Pauline Malras and Kaoru Urata

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