Venice Biennale 2016: AA’s review (2/2)

Freshly back from Venise, AA’s editorial team has put together a review of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture. Vernacular architecture, materials reuseancestral know-how, temporary cities… many topics address this year’s “Reporting from the front” theme, proposed by Alejandro Aravena. Today, have a look at a selection of projects exhibited in the Arsenal.

“Darzanà : Two Arsenals, One Vessel”.

Turkish Pavilion : “Darzanà : Two Arsenals, One Vessel”, Feride Çiçekoğlu, Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar.


“Droneport”, Norman Foster Foundation

Arsenal : “Droneport”, Norman Foster Foundation, Future Africa EPFL, Ochsendorf, De Jong & Block, Block Research Group, ETH Zurich.


“NeuBau”, BeL Sozietät für Architektur.

Arsenal : “NeuBau”, BeL Sozietät für Architektur (Cologne, Germany), Anne-Julchen Bernhardt and Jörg Leeser.


“Hilariopolis”, ADNBA.

Arsenal : “Hilariopolis”, ADNBA (Bucarest, Romania), Andrei Serbescu, Adrian-Ioan Untaru, Bogdan Bradateanu.


“Beyond Bending”, Block Research Group.

Arsenal : “Beyond Bending”, Block Research Group, ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and John Ochsendorf, Matthew DeJong & Philippe Block (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) with the Escobedo group (Buda, Texas, USA).


Al Borde.

Arsenal : Al Borde (Quito, Ecuador).


“Introductory Room”, Alejandro Aravena.

Arsenal : “Introductory Room”, Alejandro Aravena.

“Transsolar”, Matthias Schulder with Anja Thierfelder.

“Transsolar”, Matthias Schulder with Anja Thierfelder (Stuttgart, Germany).


Biennale de Venise
“Makoko School”, NLÉ

Arsenal : « Makoko School », NLÉ (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Kunlé Ayademi.

For more information, the Venice Architecture Biennale official website.



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