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AA 438, Septembre 2020, Parasites
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Back from Beirut, Countryside, An Awareness Campaign: a conversation with Rem Koolhaas, News from Anupama Kundoo, buildings, news and quotes…


Guest editor: Tadashi Kawamata

Conversation: Adaptations, A Conversation Between Tadashi Kawamata and Catherine Grout
Collaboration: Pierre Yovanovitch : “Artists underline the genius loci
– Tadashi Kawamata, Belvédère de l’Hermitage, Nantes, 2019, by Anastasia de Villepin
– Ensamble Studio, Ca’n Terra, Minorque, 2018, by Immaculada E. Maluenda and Enrique Encabo Segui

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Design: Fernando Abellanas, Secret Studio, Valence, 2019
Expertise: Prosthetic Architecture, by Jean-Philippe Hugron
Heritage: Jean-Louis Chanéac, Suction and Insurrection


Abstract: Parasite, Michel Serres
Portfolio: Lang/Baumann’s Urban Implants, by Anastasia de Villepin
Art: Charles Simonds and The Return of the Vanishing American , by Christophe Le Gac
Cinema: Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, The Tail of Two Houses, by Andreas Kofler
Actors: Interview with Jean-Lou Justine, parasitologist, by Jean-Philippe Hugron

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3 questions to… : Georges Perelroizen, President of Hyline Building Sytems France, by Kaoru Urata
Projects and products: Innovative Frames, by Kaoru Urata

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