Glass Floor © Tom Ponessa


Architectural Photography Awards 2022

For the tenth consecutive year, the Architectural Photography Awards celebrates photographers in six categories: exterior, interior, sense of space, buildings in use, bridge and transport hub. The photographs will be exhibited at the World Architecture Festival in Lisbon, starting on 30 November. Discover the shortlisted entries in pictures.

Category: Interior

Chapel of Soud, China © Kangyu Hu

Chapel of Soud, Chengde, China by Kangyu Hu. Architect: OPEN Architecture.

Inside the tower © Fabio Sartori

Inside the Tower, a geothermal power plant in Monterotondo Marittimo, Tuscany, Italy by Fabio Sartori.

Shapes of Soul © Marco Tagliarino

Shapes of Soul, Museo delle culture, Milano, Italy by Marco Tagliarino. Architect: David Chipperfield.


Category: Transport hub

Shenzhen Airport © Kangyu Hu

Shenzhen International Airport, China by Kangyu Hu.

Istanbul Airport © Simon Kennedy

Istanbul Airport in Turkey by Simon Kennedy.


Category: Bridge

© William Shun © Stephanie Navailles

Left: High Density City in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong by William Shun.

Right: Architecture 1 by Stephanie Navailles.


Category: Building in use

Mirror Dimension © Xi Chen

Mirror Dimension in New York, USA by Xi Chen.

Shanghai © Guo Zhe

Pocket Park, Shanghai, China by Guo Zhe. Architecture: Atelier Archmixing.

Glass Floor Tokyo © Tom Ponessa

Glass Floor, Tokyo, Japan by Tom Ponessa. Architect: Rafael Vinoly.


Category: Sense of Space

© Jerry Yu © Deed Studio

Left: Guiyuan temple in Modern City in Wuhan, China by Jerry Yu.

Right: Jadgal primary school in Seyyed Bar, Iran by Deed Studio.

Animal Sheds Belgium © Servaas Van Belle

Vernacular animal sheds in Belgium by Servaas Van Bella.

Kunming China © Eric Siedner

Autumn in the Stone Forest in Kunming, China by Eric Sieidner.


Category: Exterior

The Box House © Ray Knox

The Box House, London, United Kingdom by Ray Knox.

Horseshoe Temple © Eric Sieidner

Horseshoe temples in Gansu, China by Eric Sieidner.

Nest © Alex Chan

Nest, Yangliping Performing Arts Centre, in Dali, China by Alex Chan.

Berlin © Marco Tagliarino

Cycling Under the Circles, Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus in Berlin, Germany by Marco Tagliarino.

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