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Learning architecture

The way architecture is taught is constantly changing to adapt to the transformations and developments of the profession and the sector, and indeed the world.

More than ten years after the HMO was created, are the 1,937 French students committed to this accreditation for the 2016-2017 school year really better equipped than their elders to tackle the job market? Having conducted an enquiry with members of the profession and teachers, AA also asked students what they thought, they who are too often perceived as the passive titleholders of a prescriptive education.


News. Nantes’ Arts Museum, Bas Smets’ “exemplary landscapes”,  Volume bookshop’s selection…

Profile. Architecten de vylder vinck taillieu’s skilful deconstructions, by Andrews Ayers

REPORT – Learning architecture

Introduction. Learning…to think, by Emmanuelle Borne

Survey. Becoming an architect in France, by Catherine Sabbah

Heritage. Jean Nouvel: One generation lost, do we want to lose two?

Study case.

.Architectural training: the students’ point of view, by Laurie Picout

.The virtues of constructive education, by Jean Philippe Hugron

.Transdisciplinarity in sight, by Cyrille Véran

.The art of building architecture schools, by Jean Philippe Hugron

.From think-tanks to do-tanks, by Manuel Herz

.”Architecture labs”: the avant-garde in Japan, by Andreas Kofler


.Gilles Delalex: Why teaching?

.Paul Antoine Vinouse : Extracurricular learning

.Martin Chénot : To students and young graduates

.Olivier Greder : Transforming the project workshop


Back from. Le Fresnoy, Bauhaus électronique, par Vincent Fillon

Players. Paul Jarquin  (REI Habitat) : “We need to revolutionise property development”, reportage by Emmanuelle Borne

Design. Central Saint Martins, the height of fashion, by Christelle Granja

Art. The making of film-makers? By Christophe Le Gac


Subtle projections, by Pauline Malras et Kaoru Urata




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