Nicolas Laisné, Dimitri Roussel, offices, Nice, 2018 © Cyrille Weiner
Nicolas Laisné, Dimitri Roussel, offices, Nice, 2018 © Cyrille Weiner


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Arles National School of Photography by Marc Barani, News from Jean-Benoît Vétillard, “Co‑living the world”, buildings, news and quotes…


Lexicon: Workspaces
Investigation: Wellness culture and global pandemic, by Stephen Zacks
Expertise: ‘A change of course’, abstracts from French philosopher Bernard Stiegler’s new book
Portrait: Norman Foster, The luxury of coming together, by Andrew Ayers
Patrimoine : Les accords du Lloyd’s Building de Richard Rogers

– SelgasCano, Second Home Hollywood, Los Angeles, 2019
Studio Malka Architecture, offices for Pernod Ricard, Paris, 2019
Nicolas Laisné et Dimitri Roussel, offices ‘Anis’, Nice, France, 2018
– RPBW, ‘Maison des avocats’, Paris, 2020


Abstracts: Kitsune or an architect’s excesses
Actors: Weizman, Forensic Architecture Modelling, surveillance and spatial containment: interview with Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture
Report: By default, diving into satellite images showing the world before and after confinement
Design: Office is dead, long live the office! About innovation in designing office furnitures


Interview with Paolo Fantoni, Vice President and CEO of the Fantoni GroupAA selection of projects and products, dedicated to innovative workspaces.

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