Louvre Abu Dhabi, Jean Nouvel – Report Engineering Works

In this issue dedicated to Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi, with a report devoted to Engineering Works:


Actualités. Louvre Abu Dhabi, Japan-ness exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, rehabilitation of the Tour Montparnasse, selection of books from the bookshop Volume…

Portrait.  Marc Barani : permeating the landscape, by Emmanuelle Borne

REPORT – Engineering works

IntroductionEngineering works, pieces of architecture, by Emmanuelle Borne

PatrimoineThe Millau viaduct effet, by Claude Labbé

Enquête. Big fish for Grand Paris, by Catherine Sabbah


. Aso Group (Georg Rotne et Arup), Øresundsbron, Danemark-Suède, 2000, by Andreas Kofler

Arup Associates, Elizabeth Quay Bridge, Perth, Australie, 2016, by Andrew Ayers

Marc Mimram, Zhong Sheng Da Dao et Jin Liu Lu bridges, Tianjin, Chine, 2012 et 2014, by Andreas Kofler

Next, Lucky Knot Bridge, Changsha Meixi, Chine, 2017, by Laurie Picout

Explorations Architecture, Robert-Schuman Bridge, Lyon, France, 2014, by Andrew Ayers

OMA, MVRDV… Highway to highland, by Jean Philippe Hugron

Étude de cas. 

Delta Works 2.0, RAAAF et Atelier de Lyon


. Peter Rice: The traces of the hand, extract of An Engineer Imagines

Marc Mimram: The bridge, interpretation of a gravitational theory

. Frédéric Bonnet: Ground intelligence


Retour. Beneath the bridge, by Gisela Erlacher

Acteurs. Romain Ricciotti: “I prefer long-lasting structures to short-lived ones”

Art. Urban nights, de Gunda Förster


Innovations, by Kaoru Urata

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