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With its “Off the record” section, AA gives the floor to architects through short Q&As. Today, focus on a.gor.a architects whose co-founder has agreed to answer AA’s questions. Next one in two weeks!

By Jan Glasmeier

Being an architect is…
… a question that confuses me.© Agora architects

My ideal commission
 I think using natural material on a bigger scale as we are currently doing might be an interesting challenge. Maybe an art museum or a public library?

How I imagine my profession in twenty years ?
The profession as an architect has to shift to more important aspects than just following the money. We are living in a period of mass migration all over the planet and that will surely impact our profession over the next few decades and probably even longer.

My advice to a young architect
The most important thing is to be observant of the things that surround you. There is so much an architect can absorb from human behavior and interaction that leads to a better understanding of what is required.

What I would like to pass on to my associates.
We do not really have associates, so I do not know what I would tell them. But it would probably be something very spontaneous.

The new-comer architect to keep an eye on
Not really a newcomer but I like Tadao Ando’s architecture a lot. I guess I have to admit that I like concrete in it’s most “brutal” form.

The project I would have liked to sign
This is something I am not particularly thinking about. I am a big fan of contemporary art musea, so maybe that might be something I would love to do one day.© agora architects

The other job I would have liked to practice
I probably would have become a lawyer, if not an architect. 

A book, an object or a work of art I particularly love.
I really like Louisiana Museum of modern Art north of Copenhagen as a location for art. The architecture is very reduced and it provides enough breathing space for the art that is exhibited. 

A place that inspires me
It is funny that the first thing that came to my mind was Iceland. Probably because of the good memories I have and the beautiful nature.


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