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Of Earth and Fiber

Last November, the Terra Fibra Awards rewarded 11 winners and 40 finalists for their creations in raw earth and plant fibres.

Supported by amàco and the Grands Ateliers, the Terra-Fibra Award is the fusion of the Terra Award created in 2016 and the Fibra Award created in 2019. The awards ceremony, hosted by architect Dominique Gauzin-Müller, was also the occasion to inaugurate the exhibition of finalist projects that illustrate the different uses of earth (rammed earth, mudbrick, cob, compressed earth block, poured earth, wattle and daub) and plant fibres (bamboo, hemp, straw, reed) at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal until February 27, 2022.

Macha Village Center – Local development award


Location : Macha Village, Huining, Gansu, China.
Completion : 2016
Material(s): Rammed earth
Project manager: Wu Zhi Qiao, Charitable Foundation, Macha Villager Committee
Design: OneEarthArchitecture – Wei Jiang, Jun Mu (Arch.), Tiegang Zhou (Eng.)
Construction: Beijing Civil Engineering and Architecture University, Xi’an Technology and Architecture University

Terra center – Public cultural facilities award

© Ce Wang

Location : KUST campus, Kunming, Yunnan, China.
Completion: 2017
Material(s): Rammed earth
Project manager: One University One Village team
Design: Edward Ng, Li Wan, Lucia Cheung, Wenfeng Bai, Xinan Chi, Marc Auzet, Juliette Goudy (Arch.), Wenfeng Bai (struct. Eng.), Marc Auzet; Juliette Goudy (earth consult.)
Construction: Local craftmen

Alnatura Campus –  Commercial buildings award

© Roland Halbe

Location : Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany
Completion : 2017
Material(s): Rammed earth
Project manager: Campus 360 GmbH
Design: aascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 (Arch.), Transsolar GmbH (Eng.)
Construction: Lehm Ton Erde

Anandaloy  – Local development award

© Kurt Hoerbst

Location : Rudrapur, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh.
Completion : 2017
Material(s): Cob, Bamboo, Straw and coconut fibres
Project manager: Dipshiikha Bangladesh
Design: Studio Anna Heringer (Arch.), Martin Rauch, Andreas Guetling, Emmanuel Heringer (Eng.)
Construction: Montu Ram Shaw

The women’s house – Educational project award

© Thomas Noceto et Cinzia Romanin

Lieu : Ouled Merzoug, Ouarzazate, Morocco.
Réalisation : 2019
Material(s): Adobe, wattle and daub, plaster, Straw and Reed
Project manager: Women’s association of Ouled Merzoug (M0a), UHasselt Building Beyond Borders Postgraduate Certificate team, BC architects & studies (Project initiator)
Design: Participants of the Building Beyond Borders Postgraduate Certificate 2018-19 (Arch.)
Construction: Participants of the Building Beyond Borders Postgraduate Certificate 2018-19, local craftsmen

Children Village – Collective housing  award

© Cristobal Palma

Location : Formoso do Araguaia, Tocantins, Brazil.
Completion : 2017
Material(s): Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)
Project manager: Gustavo Utrabo
Design: Estudio Gustavo Utrabo, Pedro Duschenes, Rosenbaum (Arch.), Ita Constructora (Eng.)
Construction: Inova TS

Refurbishment and partial transformation of the Grand Théâtre de Génève – Interior architecture award

© Atelier MARCH

Location : Geneva, Switzerland.
Completion : 2019
Material(s): Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)
Project manager: City of Geneva
Design: Atelier March (Arch.), B+S ingénieurs (Eng.)
Construction: ALPHA, TERRABLOC

School in Zanskar – Public education/sports facilities award

© Atelier TANKA

Location : Zanskar, Ladakh, India.
Completion : 2018
Material(s): Adobe, plaster and Straw
Project manager: AaZ Association
Design: Atelier Tanka (Arch. + Eng.)
Construction: LMHS self-build

Thermal renovation of a heritage building – Rehabilitation award

© North by Northwest Architectes

Location : Paris, 14e arrondissement, France
Completion : 2016
Material(s): Hemp
Project manager: Building Management
Design: North by Northwest Architectes (Arch.), LM Ingénieur (Eng.)
Construction: JR BAT

AEREM factory – Commercial buildings award

© Seuil architecture

Location : Pujaudran, Occitanie, France
Completion : 2018
Material(s): Straw
Project manager: Aerem
Contractor: Seuil architecture (Arch.), Soconer, SOAB, Emacoustic, ITUD (Eng.)
Construction: Pyrénées charpentes, batimap

Wadden sea center – Public cultural facilities award

© Adam Mørk

Location :  Ribe, Denmark
: 2017
Material(s): Thatch
Project manager: City of Esbjerg
Design: Dorte Mandrup (Arch.), Steensen & Varming, Anders Christensen (Eng.)
Construction: Johan Carlsson, JAC studios, Morten Ranmar and No Parking, Marianne Levinsen Landskab

For more information, see the complete list of finalists on the Terra Fibra Awards website.

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