Guggenheim Helsinki: Moreau Kusunoki prize-winners

This Tuesday, 23 June, the jury of the competition for the Helsinki Guggenheim, whose president is Mark Wigley, professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, chose the prize-winner of this competition launched in June 2014 and that brought together the record number of 1,715 international proposals. It was the “Art in the City” project, submitted by the Franco-Japanese office Moreau Kusunoki, founded in 2011 in Paris, that was selected. This proposal for a green building, composed of nine wood-clad low volumes and a tower, won the votes because it “deeply respected the site and its setting, creating a non-hierarchical campus fragmented with interconnected pavilions where art and society can meet and mingle.” The next step in the construction of the museum proposed will depend on local and national Finnish stakeholders. To be continued.


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