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Create an account on our new eshop

In 2022, L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, published by Archipress Éditions, present its new eshop. Go to and (re)discover: a new interface designed with studio Kiss; exclusive archives for sale; a new tool for chronological, thematic and topological searches; our latest issues and special issues; and all our subscription offers. If you want to subscribe or order, follow our guide to create your customer account.

How to create an account?

From the home page of the eshop

1) Click on the figure icon on the top right,

2) Click on “create account”,

3) Fill in all the fields and click on  “create”.

4) Your account is active!

How to access your digital content?

To access your digital content, you must need to have an active account on our eshop

Once logged in, please visit your your personal area. In the section “my digital content”, you will see the covers of the issues for which you have purchased the digital version and/or those included in your digital subscription.

Click on a cover and the digital reader will open. The digital issues can only be accessed online via the digital reader. You can read them on your computer, tablet and phone.

Find below the different stages in pictures:

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