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From the Greek skholê, meaning “leisure” (the place where one does not do physical work), school is by definition the place of study and scholarly exchange, in which one receives a collective education. However, school also refers to the group of followers of a particular doctrine, the movement born of that doctrine. For this issue, AA wanted to look not only at the latest of these ‘places of study’, all of which bear witness to the evolution of the teaching-learning pairing in our societies, but also at the way architecture is taught today… involving more and more physical work.


In this issue


Through the eyes of Tomás Saraceno ; French artist Prune Nourry’s inspirations, recent buildings by Jean-Benoît Vétillard, Pierre Hebblinck, croixmariebourdon… ; three questions to Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine ; “Desiging with the Unexpected”, by the Re-use Notebook, …


PHILOSOPHY — Learning from others, by Joëlle Zask
SERIES — Schools, as seen by American sitcoms, by Marjolaine Boutet
ENTRETIEN — Benjamine de Cloedt, founder of the Mosa Ballet School, par Yên Bui
PHOTOGRAPHIE — Urbino vus par Luc Boegly


Éric Lapierre’s Intelligible Forms, by Emmanuelle Borne
“In 2019, visitors to the Lisbon Triennale, curated by Éric Lapierre, were treated to an increasingly rare vision of architecture, one that combines reason and poetry. Associate professor at the EPF Lausanne, Guest Critic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, USA, and Professor at the ENSA Paris-Est school of architecture, where he has been president of the training and student life committee (CFVE) for four years, Éric Lapierre is one of those rare teachers who encourage their students to consider the connections between beauty and environmental responsibility.”


REPORT — Learning from the margins, by Meriem Chabani
EXPERTISE — Lesley Lokko’s African Futures Institute, by Stephen Zacks
DESIGN — Assemble, Material Institute by Herbert Wright


Tezuka Architects, three projects in Japan, interview by Clara Baudry
Guinée Potin, École de l’Aber Benoît, Saint-Pabu, France, Yên Bui
Fontès Architecture, Marc-Bloch highshcool, Sérignac, France, Emmanuelle Borne
Atelier Marc Barani, École nationale supérieure de la photographie d’Arles, France, Emmanuelle Borne
Herzog & de Meuron, Royal College of Art, London, Herbert Wright
Diana Kellogg Architects, The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s School, Jaisalmer, India, Herbert Wright
Xaveer De Geyter Architects, Melopee School, Gent, Belgium, interview by Yên Bui


In the news — Forbo
Projects and products — AA’s selection
Innovation — Re-Vive Carpet Tiles
by Lisa Agostini

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