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A bivouac suspended in the high mountains, a mirrored volume planted in the desert, follies designed to be erected in Antarctica or even on Mars, but also housing units built in the Mediterranean rock or leaning against a dune in the Australian pampas… For its last issue of the year, AA looks at projects built in extreme environments. Sometimes completely futuristic or simply inspired by vernacular traditions, these unusual architectural enterprises raise fundamental questions. How do you build in hostile places, how do you shelter in wilderness areas that have always been or will become so tomorrow?

Dorte Mandrup, Illulissat Icefjord Centre, Greenland, 2021 © Dorte Mandrup A/S

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Through the eyes of Jean-Philippe Hugron ; Peris + Toral Arquitectes ; the bookshop’s selection of Karl Krämer, Stuttgart ; news from Pezo von Ellrichshausen ;  villa M in Paris by Starck, Triptyque, Coloco ; tribute, Jean-Claude Dumont ; the reuse notebooks by Vincent Laureau and Victor Meester ; buildings, exhibitions, visits and AA’s selection …


ART — Lucy McRae, Body of Work by Anastasia De Villepin
CINÉMA — Dune, from Dieselpunk to Concrete by Christophe Le Gac
EXTRAIT — Lunar Vision, Architectural Guide Moon, DOM Publishers
PHOTOGRAPHIE — Hellisheiði by Luc Boegly
LUMIÈRES — Yann Kersalé’s Auroras by Philippe Trétiack 


Dorte Mandrup, Gazing at the Midnight Sun by Anastasia de Villepin
« Since founding her firm in 1999, the Danish architect Dorte Mandrup endeavours, in her words, to ‘enhance places’. And what places! Laden with awards, she could cast a shadow on her more popular compatriots, but she does not play in the same league. Hers is snow‑covered, stormy, and inhabited by whales. An encounter with an architect who fears nothing, neither men nor the wilderness.»


INTRODUCTION — Extreme Urbanism, by Jean-Philippe Hugron
REVIEW — The Antarctic, In Vivo Lab by Christophe Catsaros
HERITAGE — The Architecture of Substraction by Bjarne Mastenbroek with Esther Mecredy
UTOPIA — Mission Mars by Amélie Pouzaint
EXPERTISE — Sonam Wangchuk’s Ice Stupas by Amélie Pouzaint


Demogo, New Bivouac Fanton, Dolomites, Italy, 2021
Deca Architecture, Voronoi’s Corrals, Island of Milos, Greece, 2020
Gio Forma Studio Associato, Maraya Concert Hall, Oasis d’AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 2019
Turenscape, Sanya Mangrove Park et Meishe River Greenway, Hainan Province, China, 2016 / 2017
Luigi Rosselli Architects, Great Wall of WA, Pilbara, Australia, 2014


In the news — Yourse
Projects and products — AA’s selection
Innovation — LumiNature, Sylvania
by Yên Bui


Demogo, Bivouac Fanton, Dolomites, 2021 © Iwan Baan

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