Le MIN de Nantes livré par l’agence EGA d’Erik Giudice © Luc Boegly
The MIN (market of national interest), Nantes, France, 2018 © LOMA


Off the record: Erik Giudice

Erik Giudice
Erik Giudice

Interview with Erik Giudice, founder of EGA Erik Giudice Architects office in 2010, based in France and Sweden. For AA, he shares his views on the profession, his sources of inspiration as well as his vision of the future.

Erik Giudice operates in the fields of architecture, urban planning, research and design. His office is currently working on about ten construction sites in France and in Sweden. At the end of 2018, the office completed the MIN (market of national interest) in Nantes, France. This complex of 92 000 sq. metres includes various buildings dedicated to the market and to restauration services.





L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui: Being an architect means…
Erik Giudice: Inventing

AA: Your ideal commission
EG: Unexpected

AA: Your job in twenty years
EG: Polyform

AA: The advice you would give a young architect
EG: Travel

AA: The architect we should all follow
EG: MASS Design Group 

AA: The project you would have loved to build
EG: The Malmö Klas Anshelm art centre

AA: Your favorite city
EG: Tokyo

AA: If your architecture was a movie…
EG: Kikujiro, by Takeshi Kitano 

AA: Your lucky charm object
EG: Air, water and light

AA: A museum you recommend visiting
EG: The Kunsthaus Bregenz, KUB, by Peter Zumthor

AA: Your favorite restaurant
EG: Le Contexte 

AA: Your bedside book
EG: If on a winter’s night a traveler, by Italo Calvino

AA: Private or public commission?
EG: Enlightened

AA: Your motto
EG: Simplexity

AA: Another career you’d have liked to pursue
EG: Surfer


To learn more about EGA Erik Giudice Architects, click here.

Le Marché d’Intérêt National (MIN), Nantes, 2018 © LOMA
The MIN (market of national interest), Nantes, 2018 © LOMA


Groupe scolaire Hortense, Bordeaux, livraison prévue en 2020 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture
The Hortense school group, Bordeaux, completion expected in 2020 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture


Musée et Centre culturel « La grande escale », Maroc, livraison prévue en 2020 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture
Museum and Cultural Centre « La grande escale », Dakhla, Morocco, completion expected in 2020 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture


Centre de conférences et d'expositions Malmö Massan, Suède, 2012 © Martin Paluen
Malmö Massan Conference and Exhibition Center, Malmö, Sweden, 2012 © Martin Paluen


Programme mixte Platinan, Suède, livraison prévue en 2019 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture
Platinan mixed programme, Sweden, completion expected in 2019 © EGA Erik Giudice Architecture

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