Architects’ new challenges

AA launches a new formula with new authors, new subjects and new layout! Discover in the issue 422, the new Zeitz Mocaa Museum in Cape Town by Thomas Heatherwick, the Porte d’Auteuil block housing by Anne Démians, Finn Geipel, Rudy Ricciotti and Francis Soler, the Boulogne School by Chartier Dalix and the portrait of Ibos & Vitart.

Over a year ago, AA looked at the strategies implemented by architects (issue 414, “Being an architect”) to counter the rise in private commissions. In 2017, the issue of “new” challenges continues to be raised just as keenly.

Innovation remains the main watchword and justifies the increase in terminology – or vocations? – which appear most appealing: reuse, urban greenhouses and other hyper-green intentions make some types of architecture seem loftier than they really are. For this new issue, we have chosen to continue exploring this question, with a view to separating the wheat from the chaff.


Dominique Perrault all over the page, Lina Ghotmeh’s Les Grands Verres, OMA’s Ministry, Philippe Rahm’s bookshelves, Jean Prouvé in Arles, Rudy Ricciotti and culture, completed buildings, competitions and exhibitions…

REPORT – Architects’ new challenges

IntroductionThe end and the means to an end, by Emmanuelle Borne

Portrait. Ibos & Vitart: Uncompromising Promise, by Emmanuelle Borne

Constructors. Towards an architecture of reuse, by Jean Philippe-Hugron

ExpertiseThe soundscapes of Nadine Schütz, by Claude Labbé

Heritage. André Ravéreau’s lesson, by Gilles Perraudin

Realisation. Zeitz Mocaa, Thomas Heatherwick’s open heart surgery, by Lina Ghotmeh

RealisationPorte d’Auteuil’s housing block in Paris, setting a new standard, by Jean-Philippe Hugron

Feedback. Ramping up the green. In one Boulogne-Billancourt school, Chartier Dalix chose to “integrate biodiversity”, interview by Emmanuelle Borne


Extract. Jean-Paul Curnier: « We need to start designing our own homes »

Photo report. Medellín’s Renaissance

Art. The dark side of Levi van Veluw, by Christophe Le Gac

Actors. Christian Barani, archivist of the human condition, by Christelle Granja


3 questions to… Carine Hiernaux, sales manager at Carrières du Hainaut


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