Salle polyvalente, Soisy-sur-Seine, 2009 ©Atelier Aconcept
Multipurpose hall, Soisy-sur-Seine, 2009 © Atelier Aconcept


Off the record: Atelier Aconcept

Frédéric Aconcept


Interview with French architect Frédéric Quevillon, founder of Atelier Aconcept office, based in Paris region. For AA, he shares his views on the profession, his sources of inspiration as well as his vision of the future.

Since its creation in 2001, Atelier Aconcept has worked on different programmes and scales. In 2018, the office notably completed the Lallier school, near Paris. Atelier Aconcept is currently working on the rehabilitation of the École des Mines auditorium and of the Sorbonne Research pole (both in Paris), as well as on the rehabilitation and extension of a Care Home in Angerville (France).



L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui: Being an architect means…

Frédéric Quevillon: Create connections and life memories, ally reassurance and amazement

AA: Your ideal commission
FQ: A stadium

AA: Your job in 20 years
FQ: A mix of “Minority Report” and “Inception”

AA: The advice you would give a young architect
FQ: Open your eyes, feel!

AA: The architect we should all follow
FQ: Franklin Azzi

AA: The project you would have loved to build
FQ: The Pompidou Centre

AA: Your favorite city
FQ: New York

AA: If your architecture was a movie…
FQ: “The Dark Knight” (proper to every occasion)

AA: Your lucky charm object
FQ: My Moleskine notebook

AA: A museum you recommend visiting
FQ: The MAXXI, Rome

AA: Your favorite restaurant
FQ: Obicà, Rome (specials: mozzarella cheese)

AA: Your bedside book
FQ: “La désobéissance de l’architecte”, by Renzo Piano

AA: Private or public commission?
FQ: Public

AA: Your motto
FQ: Have fun!

AA: Another career you’d have liked to pursue
FQ: Cook

To know more about Atelier Aconcept, visit their webite.

Accueil de loisirs Nelson Mandela, Chilly-Mazarin, 2015 ©Franck Deletang
Recreational centre Nelson Mandela, Chilly-Mazarin, 2015 © Franck Deletang


Auditorium école des mines, Paris, en cours ©Atelier Aconcept
Auditorium of the school école des mines, Paris, ongoing ©Atelier Aconcept


Groupe scolaire Lallier, L'Haÿ-les-Roses, 2018 © Atelier Aconcept
Lallier school, L’Haÿ-les-Roses, 2018 © Franck Deletang


Restaurant scolaire, Forges-les-Bains, concours 2018 ©Atelier Aconcept
School canteen, Forges-les-Bains, competition 2018 © Atelier Aconcept


Groupe scolaire, Ormoy, concours 2018 ©Atelier Aconcept
School, Ormoy, competition 2018 © Atelier Aconcept



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