Renovation of the Georges Vallerey swimming pool, Paris

The Georges Vallerey swimming pool, chosen as a training venue for Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the Paris 2024 Games, will reopen its doors this spring after more than a year and a half of work. In 2020, the City of Paris has entrusted the renovation project to AIA Life Designers and Romain Viault (Architecte(s) atelier d'architecture), which project focuses on the technical elements essentials to the use of the building (reor access management, PRM standards, restoration of the water and air treatment system, etc.) and, in particular, a complete renovation of the opening roof.

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Built in 1924 for the Summer Olympics to host the swimming, diving and water polo events, the Georges Vallerey swimming pool consists of an open-air Olympic pool surrounded by bleachers evacuated by eight staircases. It was restored between 1986 and 1989 by the architect Roger Taillibert, who added a concrete structure and a 30-metre wooden and polycarbonate roof. The highly innovative system consists of a motorised central panel that drives the other five mobile panels until they rest on the fixed panel, to the east of the building.


The renovation of the movable roof was the main focus of the project led by AIA Life Designers and Romain Viault. While the original rails and technical guttering were retained and the original motor was restored, the roof structure was not. It was completely removed and replaced by a new structure consisting of 12 glulam Douglas fir arches filled with new polycarbonate panels, all assembled on site. The original larch frame was recycled: a total of 25 tonnes of timber was salvaged, some of which was used to make 1,400 signage elements and furniture for the project, such as reception counters and benches in the shoe removal area. Some of the wood was donated to Extramuros joinery and the rest was returned to the City of Paris for future projects.

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© AIA Life Designers

Technical sheet

Georges Vallerey swimming pool, 148 avenue Gambetta, 20th arrondissement of Paris, France
Programme: Renovation and extension of the Georges Vallerey swimming pool, with a movable floor pool, bleachers, gym, changing rooms, dressing rooms and offices
Client: City of Paris, Solideo
Architects: AIA Life Designers (lead architects), Romain Viault, Architecte(s) atelier (co-contractor)
Partners: AIA Ingénierie (structure, external works, economics); BE Garnier (water & air treatment, electricity, thermal engineering, environment, synthesis); AIA Management (OPC), Namixis SSICoor (CSSI), Upcyclea (circular economy, carbon footprint), Mathis Construction Bois (timber frame), Menuiserie Bonnardel (recycled wood furniture),
Surface area: 8,878 sq.m
Design: September 2020
Start of construction: September 2022
Completion: March 2024
Cost: €8.5 million excluding VAT

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