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Architecture & climate : urgency calling for innovation

In its 411 issue, available in newsstands from March 18, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui dedicates a special report to architecture and climate, focusing on the current challenges it raises and the solutions and innovations designed by architects to address it.

Beyond validating a formal stance, context has become a priority: designing according to a geography, a climate and local resources is no longer a question of trends. The 10 projects chosen by AA meet energy performance objectives in an architecture that is site-specific. These “situated” architectures have to come to terms with a new climate regime, the Anthropocene, as underlined in the article introducing this special report. In the city, urban heat islands resulting from soil sealing have social repercussions that are still not taken into consideration, as demonstrates John Gendall’s article. The survey conducted by reporter Catherine Sabbah for AA questions the urban impact of energy transition and concludes that architecture and sustainable development are not always a good fit. Solutions, however, exist, as Olivier Namias points out in his presentation of Philippe Rahm’s work on meteorological architecture.

All these topics enrich a full of jargon vocabulary examined in a “counter-glossary” by sociologist Jean-Louis Violeau.


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