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AA 441

Février 2021 Ref :


AA proposes to explore these invisible places, the hidden face of cities, to see how they have evolved and what they say about our societies, whether they are cemeteries, hospitals, asylums, prisons, data centers, deviant places, night world or storage places.

Art: interview with ORLAN
Litterature: The City of Madness, interview with Victoria Mas
Utopia: Cemetery of the Future
Investigation: Night Places
Realisations: RSHP, Musée du Louvre Conservation Center | Floating Farm by Goldsmith Company | Maggie’s Centres in United Kindgom | Croixmariebourdon, Erik Giudice | Pitagoras Group, Caldeiroa Carpark | Studio Anna Heringer, Anandaloy Centre.

Papier :
25 €
Numérique :
10 €

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