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AA 431

Juin 2019 Ref :

China's committed architects

Portrait : O-office's reinventions
Bâtisseur: "a bookstore in a remote area is a public good"
Patrimoine: Ruan Yisan, the militant champion of historic cities
Réalisations :
– DnA Design and Architecture, Brown Sugar Factory, Xing Village, county of Songyang, Lishui prefecture, Zhejiang province, 2016
– Vector Architects, Alila Yangshuo Hotel, 102 Dongling Road, Guilin, autonomous region of Guangxi, 2017
– Atelier FCJZ, Jishou Art Museum, Jishou, Xiangxi, Hunan province, 2019
– Hua Li, Trace Architecture Office, Swan Lake Bridge House and Viewing Tower, Rongcheng, Shandong province , 2018

Papier :
25 €
Numérique :
10 €