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AA 428

Décembre 2018 Ref :

Report: Private commissions, public intentions

Portrait: Reinier de Graaf's Barbie-doll effect

Profession: The 'Réinventer Paris I' hold-up: cui bono?

Heritage: John C. Portman, the architect as developer

Experts: Hyper-customisation: the end of the architect?

- AAVP and Aires Mateus, 170 housing units in Clichy-Batignolles development zone, Paris, France, 2018
- Christian Kerez, offices in Lyon Confluence development zone, Lyon, France, 2018
- Luma Foundation in Arles, France, ongoing
- MAIO, 22 housing units in Barcelona, Spain, 2016

Papier :
25 €
Numérique :
10 €