A new formula for L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

AA change de formule © DR
AA changes its formula
© Jacob Durand

“A new formula?”  The news was greeted with enthusiasm and excitement, and occasionally with some degree of scepticism. Another one ? Well yes, another one, because that is how it goes for a magazine like AA that is always looking for the best formula.

The best word, not the right word, the one that hits the spot, the one that sells copies, the one that sometimes acts as a smokescreen is a word that a magazine like AA is compelled to pin down and to examine closely. Since 1930, AA aims at distinguishing  honest truth from commercial chimera. So yes indeed, a new formula, to render this vocation ever more readable and reaffirm the values of this issue.

AA is intended for all architects, in France and abroad, whether they are founding partners or scrapers, all operators of the building environment and all architecture lovers.

AA places architecture as a major social act, it is interested in all trades, knowledge and know-how to understand what the act of building involves.

AA does not just present completed works, it reports on design and construction processes, and all the influences of a project., elle rend compte des processus de conception et de construction, de toutes les influences d’un projet.

AA looks at the past as well as at the future, apprehending heritage for its exemplary value and trends when it foretells real evolutions.

AA does not only deal with architecture, literature, art, science, philosophy, sociology, dance, cinema… it highlights other disciplines as inspiration sources.

AA is a committed magazine that aims to fight against all that participates to the exhaustion of the architectural profession and the urban environments.

AA lance une nouvelle formule ©DR

AA lance une nouvelle formule ©DR





Discover the L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui new formula with the release of the 422 issue, dedicated to architects’ new challenges. Available December the 15th 2017.


Find the press release here.

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